Congratulations to You!

Congratulations on your acceptance to MIT! We invite you to visit the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science to meet faculty and current graduate students and learn more about the research that is being carried out here. A visit is also a chance to see the campus and the surrounding areas of Cambridge and Boston. Please, direct any questions you have to Kathleen McCoy (

It is important that you update your contact information, and use this page to indicate the names of faculty members you would like to meet with, the activities you wish to attend, if you will require hotel lodging and information regarding dietary restrictions. Please be sure to contact Kathy McCoy,, if you require additional assistance during your visit to campus.

Most activities will take place in Buildings 38, 34, 36, and 32 (the Stata Center). Please be aware that the Stata Center perimeter doors and CSAIL interior doors with proximity card readers will be open all day during your visit.

There is open wireless access throughout the Stata Center (and most of MIT) so feel free to bring a laptop or other portable computing device if you are so inclined. There are also a few open workstations on the first floor of the Stata Center, if you just want to quickly browse the web during your visit.

Draft Schedule --- may change slightly

Tuesday, March 6

7:30-9:30pm: Welcome Reception & Dinner
Location: Stata Center (Building 32-4th floor), R&D Commons
Sponsored by the MIT EECS Graduate Student Association (GSA)
Student escorts will leave the Kendall Marriott Hotel lobby at 7:00, 7:20, 7:40 PM.

Wednesday, March 7

7:45-8:00 AM Student Visitors meet in Marriott Hotel lobby
Student escorts depart for Building 34 Room 101

EECS Department Leadership Team
8:30 AM Building 34 Room 101

Electrical Engineering Student Visitors  
EE admitted students
Building 36 - Room Room 36-428 / Room 36-462

9:30 AM: Welcome
   Lab Directors: LIDS, MTL, RLE

9:30-NOON: Technical Overview
3 Minute Madness, Bldg 36 - Room 36-428 / Room 36-462
Technical Presentations by Faculty

12-1 PM: LUNCH
Bldg 36 - Room 36-428 / Room 36-462

1-5 PM
Individual Meetings with Faculty

3-5 PM Open Lab Meet & Greet
Various Locations (listing provided)

Computer Science Student Visitors
9:00-9:30AM: BREAKFAST
CS admitted students
Building 34 - Room 34-401 A/B

9:30 AM: Welcome
   Lab Directors: CSAIL

9:30-NOON: Technical Overview
3 Minute Madness, Bldg 34 - Room 34-401 A/B
Technical Presentations by Faculty

12-1 PM: LUNCH
with Individual Research Groups

1-5 PM
Individual Meetings with Faculty

3-5 PM Open Lab Meet & Greet
Various Locations (listing provided)

All Student Visitors

5:00-6:00PM: EECS Reception and Pop-Up Swag Shop
Hosted by Faculty & Lab Directors
R & D Commons (4th floor Bldg 32 Stata Center)

6:30PM: Small Group Dinners (arranged separately)

Thursday, March 8

9 AM: Breakfast Morss Hall, Building 50 Room 140

9:15-10:45AM: The Road to the PhD;
  Graduate Officer, Professor Leslie Kolodziejski   Q&A, Morss Hall, Building 50 Room 140   What are the requirements for the SM and PhD degrees? What are the quals like? How is   graduate school paid for? What kind of support is available? Answers to these questions   and more will be offered by the Chair on the Committee on Graduate Students

11:00AM-NOON: Individual Meetings with Faculty

12:15-1:30: Graduate Student Life Panel
  Enjoy lunch with current EECS graduate students who will share their
  perspectives of graduate student life while in the doctoral program. Visitors will be
  able to ask questions about classes, living on campus or off campus, and how to have fun at MIT
  and in New England. Morss Hall, Building 50 Room 140

1:30-3:30PM: Campus Activities
  A variety of options are available including: graduate dormitory tours,
  shopping at the MIT Coop, MIT campus tours

3:30PM: GEECS Coffee Hour & GW6 SOCIAL
  Enjoy casual conversation with current graduate students in EECS
  and with the graduate women of Course VI (GW6). Location to be determined.

DEPART MIT, various times.

Travel Reimbursement

MIT will reimburse students for reasonable travel expenses (no more than $500 in total). You must provide receipts in order to be reimbursed for these expenses:
  • domestic airfare
  • international airfare
  • train/subway/bus fare
  • cab fare to/from Logan airport
    • 617-497-1500 (Cambridge Checker Cab)
    • 617-494-1300 (Cambridge Checker Taxi Service)

Most meals are provided during your visit, so additional meals you purchase out of pocket will not be reimbursed.

Lodging will be arranged and paid for up to three nights of your visit. Please contact Kathleen McCoy if you will visit MIT for a longer period to make separate payment arrangements. The EECS Department's Hotel Policy on Guests is as follows:

  1. Arrangements must be made in advance with Kathleen McCoy. [This means a student cannot show up requesting a single room without our knowledge, unless the student will be paying for that room out of their own pocket.]
  2. The room allowance for each student is = 1/2 cost of the room. [For this year, with taxes, the room allowance is ~$115. per student per night]. The Visit Days are geared towards our admitted students only, but we understand a visiting student might wish to bring along a spouse or significant other for this visit. If possible we will try to accommodate these requests, however hotel space is very limited and this may not be possible. If we are able to accommodate the request the visiting student will be responsible for 1/2 of the room allowance or $115 per night.
  3. EECS will arrange and provide accommodations for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of the Visit Days only. [MIT will pay the hotel directly for all rooms that we use on those days.] If a student wishes to stay longer, the student is responsible for making their own room arrangements with the hotel of their choice or must work with Kathleen to handle the extended stay's arrangements and billing.
  4. For a visiting student who brings a spouse or significant other, the $115 per night room expense will be subtracted from his/her overall travel reimbursement.
  5. For a visiting student who stays any extra nights, the entire room expense incurred for the extra nights will be subtracted from his/her overall travel reimbursement.

Note: You must save and submit all receipts for reimbursable expenses. Please complete the EECS Visit Days Travel Reimbursement form 2018 MIT EECS Visit Days Travel